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For this you can use: meia : you nee to follow materials from both major publications (for example. Tass, ria novosti) and specialize platforms (for example, rbc, vc, habr, this is meia). To follow world news, certain topics or headings, you can use news aggregators (for example. Yandex zen or google news) or set up notifications for queries of interest. Social networks and forums : twitter, and other social networks have sections with current news. Celebrities also share their opinions and news on these platforms. And forums (like pikabu or redit) can be a useful source of viral content. Content aggregator platforms (meia platforms) : on such sites. Special algorithms collect statistics on the popularity of topics and hashtags through their reach. Number of views and frequency of use. There are services for searching content on social networks (for example, ) or by category (for example, ). Situational content can also be searche within the company.

This was an allusion to the opening ceremony of the olympic

If an event occurre that affecte the majority of users. For example, the aviasales company made a mistake in the link to the page in an advertising letter. But quickly correcte the situation and playe up the incident as a funny joke. Examples of situational Special Marketing Database marketing every major company has use situational marketing in its promotion in one way or another. Let’s look at a few striking examples: in 2014. The restaurant chain launche the sale of sushi sets in the shape of the olympic rings. The special feature of the set was that they use wasabi instead of the third sushi ring. This was an allusion to the opening ceremony of the olympic. Games in sochi, where one of the rings did not open. The dodo pizza company supporte the social network. Which was experiencing technical difficulties in the operation of its website.

Burger king joke about the autopilot failure in tesla

Restaurants have temporarily adde a new pizza “for ” with plantain to the menu. Burger king made a news story from elon musk’s statement about launching a rocket to mars. They depicte an astronaut in a tesla car and a bag from a fast food Henan Mobile Phone Number List restaurant with the inscription “your order, so to speak.” this company often uses the billionaire in promotion: for example. Burger king joke about the autopilot failure in tesla in an advertising video. And in the wake of the hype around doggecoin raise by musk, marketers offere to pay with this currency in the chain’s restaurants. 


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