What are the tools of a Web Marketing strategy

As already mentioned, digital marketing aims to create engagement in its users by bringing visits (organic traffic) to your website. Or engage the user through online paid campaigns. In both cases the ultimate goal is to lead the customer to purchase from your company’s online channel. To do this, digital marketing uses different communication channels. And other diversified tools. 1. Use SEO in your digital marketing strategy It is one of the most used acronyms in recent years, very often inappropriately. In this article I explained in a very simple way what SEO is , you should read it! SEO includes all the techniques used to optimize a website for the main search engines and for users who search on the web.

In short, SEO deals with identifying

Keywords (keywords) which, based on search volumes (calculated on the number of clicks per month) could guarantee greater traffic – visits – to your website. Within SEO, a distinction is made between onsite or on page SEO activities – i.e. interventions made on the code to make it more agile for the control of Google’s spiders – and those  of offsite SEO (better known as Link Building) which allows the creation of a network of links from sites Telegram Number Database in the same market niche that link to your site. You may also be interested in : How to boost your Digital Marketing with an effective SEO strategy, the definitive guide I’ll give you an example: Imagine you want to position a page on your website for the topic “Women’s Shoes”. As a preliminary step, the SEO Specialist analyzes the status quo of your website with specific tools.

SEM and Digital Marketing strategy

You may have already heard of SEM, SEA and pay per click (PPC). Digital Marketing Strategy difference Web Marketing SEO and SEA are part of that micro-cosmos Search Engine Marketing (SEM) SEM is Search Engine Marketing , marketing applied to search engines. SEA refers to Search Engine Advertising , it is the activity of paid advertising on search engine results pages. While SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization , the activity of Henan Mobile Phone Number List optimizing websites for better positioning on search results. These include the activity of Google Advertising ( Google pays for results at the top of the search results page for a specific search key) up to the organic positioning of a website. Or setting up a YouTube channel to appear in Google search results. And so on. In this case, a domain pays to appear at the top of the search page for certain keywords. SEA, unlike SEO.

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