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master the game create helpful content for. The google helpful content update generally. Seo/content author image by vanessa wobb vanessa wobb google helpful content update shortly after releasing the core update in august, google will release the next update in september 2023. This time it’s about the helpful content update . You can read what exactly is behind it, what the difference is between helpful and. Unhelpful content and what changes google has announce in this blog post. Get the most out of your content with our content audit e-book including a free content audit template. Click here and download! Table of contents what is the google helpful content update. The google helpful content update is an algorithm update from the search engine .google that aims to display valuable and qualitative content in the search results (serps). Relevant information should be highlighte for searchers, while unhelpful content is demote.

What Is the Google Helpful Content Update

The google algorithm is base on machine learning. So it is not a manual measure. Instead, it automatically detects content around the clock that offers little to no adde value to searchers. Google describes its classification process as another signal Europe Cell Phone Number List among many for the ranking of helpful content . The measures are aime at the entire website and not at individual pages: “ if we find a relatively . Large amount of unhelpful content on a website, not only will this content tend to be ranke lower in google searches . All other content on the website may also receive a lower ranking ranking, if there are more relevant alternatives on the web ,” says google itself. The first version of the update was rolle out worldwide in december 2022.

Google Is Pursuing This Goal with the Helpful Content Update

The september 2023 update is the first since launch. After “bert” and the “page experience update”, google continues to focus on user satisfaction and search intentions. Google is pursuing this goal with the helpful content update the intent of the google Henan Mobile Phone Number List helpful content update is to penalize websites with unhelpful content . On the other hand, google wants to reward websites with adde value for users . It is intende to motivate content creators to focus on the user in the spirit of inbound marketing . The purpose of the helpful content system is to reward . More content that visitors are satisfie with – any content that does not meet visitors’ expectations is rate lower. ” (google)

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