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Food. and lifestyle. But businesses like Lodge boring on the surface. However. Lodge manag to create useful content and generate a lot of traffic. g cast iron guidelines generates . monthly visits from Google alone lodge seasoning guide organic traffic Below is a partial summary of Lodges cast iron seasoning guideCast Iron Seasoning How to Season Cast Iron Lodge Cast Iron Youll see that their content is really helpful. not just promoting products. It explains how to solve the problem using things you already have at home. and also recommends corresponding flavor spray products.

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FURTHER READING content marketing examples worth following and how to replicate them What is BB content marketing? marketing? Are you now convinc that you ne to engage in content marketing? Heres a quick and easy way Phone Number List to get start. Know your target users A common mistake with content marketing is not knowing who your target users are. If you dont know who your consumers are. you cant create content that appeals to them. is to create user personas personas. Essentially. this is a fictional character that represents your ideal customer. Follow this guide to learn how to create personas. . Find out what people are searching for To gain long-term results from content marketing.

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Your content should rank in search engines like Google and YouTube. To do this. you ne to find the topics your users are searching for. Start by brainstorming some keywords relat to your topic. For example. if you are a fitness instructor. your se keyword might be workout. Put Henan Mobile Phone Number List your keywords into a free keyword tool like Ahrefs Keyword Generator . It then displays up to keyword suggestions. along with estimat search volume per month. keyword generator If you’re making a video. you can do the same thing with our free YouTube keyword tool YouTube Keyword Tool Find YouTube Keyword Ideas for Free You can then view the list and select topics relevant to your site.

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